The 2017 Farside Football Pool

This Season It All Ends in Minneapolis!!

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Henry and I, Halloween 1995
Welcome to the Farside, Mr. Bond.

The Farside Football Pool is back for the 2017 season, our 22nd season! Everything you need to make your choices and see your results is below. As the season gets rolling, you might also like the Farside Pool Results Week by Week which keeps track of who won, placed and showed each week. I continue to offer the convenience of getting text message reminders on your mobile phone with a few options (weekdays, weekends, gamedays only). I recommend Gameday text reminders for low annoyance and high utility. Check out the link to see the details.

Entering the Pool

Each week, I recommend that you:
  1. Print an Entry Sheet You can get one here: Printable Week 17 Schedule sheet This is a handy printable PDF entry sheet with the games all listed, team records and even sparklines, which get more useful as the season rolls on. Print this thing out, sit down with a cup of coffee, and work out your picks on paper. Then...
  2. Go Online and Enter right here on the Week 17 Entry Form. It’s easy; find your name in the dropdown list, enter your password, make your selections (use each weighting only once!), pick a tiebreaker, and then hit the Submit button at the bottom. Don't forget that password! (probably best to use some form of your name). Returning this year: The Thursday Pick Six! If you don't get your Thursday pick in I will make an automatic selection for you. There is no Thursday game this week and thus no Pick Six pick.
  3. Check Your Entry I will send you a confirming email when I import your entry into the spreadsheet. Check to make sure your picks are what you expected. If they’re not, it’s because either a) you put them in wrong or b) someone else got a bit sloppy in selecting names and inadvertently sent in an entry as yours. This is where that password thing comes in handy. Please note that this confirmation won’t happen instantly--it comes when I put the entries in the spreadsheet, not when you submit them.

Checking The Results

I post the entries late in the week and the results as the games finish and time allows. The timing and frequency of these updates depends on how nice the weather is, the difficulties my lawnmowers/snowblower/string trimmer/chainsaw/attic wiring/bicycle fleet is giving me, how much attention I’m paying to the games, etc. It also depends on whether or not I’m in town; you can expect some delays at Thanksgiving or other times I’m gone.

Studying Up: Team Schedules, News, Weather and Farside Pool History

Metrodome Detonated February 2014
The Metrodome Comes Down  In a scene reminiscent of the Vikings' history over the years, the Metrodome collapses in the post-season. Minneapolis, February 23, 2014.

New to the Pool?

You can read a Description of the Pool including some rules and stuff. This is most useful if you are new to the Farside or if it’s raining outside and it’s Houston at Indianapolis! on the tube and you’re really bored.

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