Figure Photography: A Disappointment

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Surprise! There is no figure photography in this site! Sorry to be such a disappointment. I used the phrase in our home page and it consistently shows up in the top 20 search phrases on the server logs. Why not just try "naughty pictures" or "nudie shots of Cindy Crawford" or something.

Anyway, if you are really desperate, I put a photo of Fluffly here on the page. She is naked.

Take Me You Brute
Take Me You Brute: There are lots of sheep running around the grounds at Blenheim Palace. Looking at them, it makes you wonder why they bother to clone these things, they all look the same to me already.






Ok, ok, here is a link to a figure photography site. If you're looking for hot porn, this will be pretty disappointing. If you're looking for superb figure photography in black and white from large format cameras, you'll like Evolving Beauty more than my snap of Fluffy.