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Here is the weather currently being experienced in the NFL hometowns. The city names in Bold type are venues where the teams play outdoors. Dallas is half-bolded since the JerryDome has a retractable roof! The Vikings in the Sandcrawler Dome and Atlanta in Megatron's Butthole are shown as indoors even though they can partially open. I have included direct links to the Sports sections of the relevant papers. Note that several of the newspapers require a free registration to read the articles.

 Phoenix, Arizona Forecast
Phoenix, AZ
Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Republic
 Atlanta, Georgia Forecast
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
 Baltimore, Maryland Forecast
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Sun
 Buffalo, New York Forecast
Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo News
 Charlotte, North Carolina Forecast
Charlotte, NC
Carolina Panthers
Charlotte Observer
 Chicago, Illinois Forecast
Chicago, IL
Chicago Bears
The Sun-Times or the Tribune
 Cincinnati, Ohio Forecast
Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Enquirer
 Cleveland, Ohio Forecast
Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Plain Dealer
 Dallas, Texas Forecast
Arlington, TX
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Morning News or Fort Worth Star-Telegram
 Denver, Colorado Forecast
Denver, CO
Denver Broncos
The Denver Post
 Detroit, Michigan Forecast
Detroit, MI
Detroit Lions
Detroit Free Press
or News
 Green Bay, Wisconsin Forecast
Green Bay, WI
Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Press-Gazette or the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
 Houston, TX Forecast
Houston, TX
Houston Texans
Houston Chronicle
 Indianapolis, Indiana Forecast
Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis Star
 Jacksonville, Florida Forecast
Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville Jaguars
Florida Times-Union
 Kansas City, Missouri Forecast
Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Star
 Las_Vegas, NV Forecast
Las Vegas, NV
"Oakland" Raiders
Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Review Journal
 Los_Angeles, CA Forecast
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Times (Rams)
 Los_Angeles, CA Forecast
Carson, CA
Los Angeles Chargers
Los Angeles Times (Chargers)
 Miami, FL Forecast
Miami, FL
Miami Dolphins
Miami Herald
 Minneapolis, Minnesota Forecast
Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota Vikings
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Saint Paul Pioneer-Press
 Boston, MA Forecast
Foxboro, MA
New England Patriots
The Boston Globe
or Herald
 New Orleans, LA Forecast
New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Times-Picayune
Click for East Rutherford, New Jersey Forecast
East Rutherford, NJ
"New York" Giants
The failing New York Times, the Daily News, or the Post
Click for East Rutherford, New Jersey Forecast
East Rutherford, NJ
"New York" Jets
The Post (Jets)
 Oakland, CA Forecast
Oakland, CA
Oakland Los Angeles Oakland Las Vegas Raiders
The Oakland Tribune or the SF Gate Raiders page
 Philadelphia, PA Forecast
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Inquirer
 Pittsburgh, PA Forecast
Pittsburgh, PA
Philadelphia Eagles
Post-Gazette or the Tribune-Review
 Santa_Clara, CA Forecast
Santa Clara, CA
"San Francisco" 49ers
 Seattle, WA Forecast
Seattle, WA
Seattle Seahawks
The Post-Intelligencer or Times
 Tampa, FL Forecast
Tampa Bay, FL
Jacksonville Jaguars
The Tampa Bay Times
 Nashville, TN Forecast
Nashville, TN
Tennessee Titans
Nashville Tennessean
 Washington, DC Forecast
Hyattsville, MD
The "Washington" team
Washington Post or the Moonies' Times. Also, the excellent 2010 Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder

 Toronto, Ontario Forecast
Toronto, Canada
Toronto Globe and Mail or Star Keep up with the CFL! Buffalo gave up on their Toronto appearances.

Other Lamestream Media Sources:

Click for McLean, Virginia Forecast
McLean, VA
USA Today, which has individual team pages too.
Click for New York, New York Forecast
New York, NY
Sports Illustrated, also with team pages.
Click for London, United Kingdom Forecast
London, UK
The Guardian The NFL from a left-wing British point of view
Click for London, United Kingdom Forecast
London, UK
BBC I say old chap, we've got four American football games this year, we should suss this game out!

Links last checked 9/28/2017. Page last updated 10/15/2017. Added Los Angeles and Las Vegas, have left Oakland in place.

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