The 2017 Farside Football Pools: Who Are These People?

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The table below lists the individuals in the Pool, their relationship to Matt (if any), where they're from, how to identify them on the results sheet and Plot of Dots and their current rank. The particpants in Red are in the High Stakes Pool.
Relationship Short
Plot of
Years in
emails From Where? Week 17
Matthew Cole Matt, Pool Commissioner, 2nd string tenor M Cole MC 22 F H/H Saint Paul, MN 18
Matthew Cole HS Travelers, Surcharges & Assessments Matt C MC 22 H H/H Saint Paul, MN 18
Karla Cole Matt's Wife, church Music Director K Cole KC 22 F H/H Saint Paul, MN 34
Geneva Cole Matt's daughter, 23, UChicago PhD student, Pol Sci Geneva GC 16 F H/H Chicago, IL 39
Henry Cole Matt's son, 24 yrs old, Winona State HenryC HC 18 F W/W Winona, MN 37
Ann Kendell Matt's sister, farm wife, U of Dubuque Ann K AK 22 F W/B Bellevue, IA 6
Andrew Kendell Matt's nephew, 22, Grad student Chem Iowa State Andrew AK2 12 F W/W Ames, IA 39
Liz Cole Matt's sister, college counselor E Cole EC 9 H H/H Pikeville, KY 35
Paul Meillier worked with Matt, Wells Fargo Paul M PM 22 F B/B Minneapolis, MN 9
Steve Ruzek retired MSI & COUNTRY claims guy SteveR SR 16 F H/H White Bear Lake, MN 21
Katie Kostman Steve Ruzek's daughter, American Family KatieK KK 10 F H/H Troy, KS 3
Nathan Reopelle co-worker of Sue Keffer's brother Nathan NR 14 F H/H Columbia Heights, MN 19
Dennis Reopelle Nathan Reopelle's father DennisR DR2 10 F H/H Blaine, MN 11
Dan Johnson COUNTRY Chief Corporate Actuary Dan J DJ 21 H W/H Golden Valley, MN 20
Julie Johnson Dan Johnson's wife JulieJ JJ 11 H H/H Golden Valley, MN 23
Chase Johnson Dan Johnson's son, 19 yrs old, college sophomore ChaseJ ChJ 12 H H/H Golden Valley, MN 7
Kent Musser Julie Johnson's father Kent M KM 11 H H/H Mound, MN 10
Carol Musser Julie Johnson's mother CarolM CM2 10 H H/H Mound, MN 6
Dan Musser Julie Johnson's brother Dan M DM 9 H W/W Plymouth, MN 24
Chad Musser Dan Musser's son, 17 yrs old Chad M CM3 9 H H/H Plymouth, MN 15
Leslie Lundt Psychiatrist married to friend of Matt's LeslieL LL 16 H H/H Santa Barbara, CA 10
Blaine Lundt Leslie Lundt's son, 15 yrs old, soon to be NBA center Blaine BL 6 H H/H Santa Barbara, CA 31
Mick Sheedy Leslie's son, third year med school Mick S MS 13 H H/H Glendale, AZ 25
Jim Wheeler Pace labs, Coast Guard guy Jim W JWh 15 H H/H Saint Paul, MN 37
Cindy James St Mary's alto, project mgr CindyJ CJ 13 F H/H Maplewood, MN 7
Dave Pearson Son of old friend of Matt's Dave P DP 11 H H/H Saint Paul, MN 21
Chad Hofer ex-COUNTRY computer guy Chad H CH 21 F H/H Woodbury, MN 15
Nancy Hofer Chad's wife NancyH NH 21 F H/H Woodbury, MN 8
Shannon Swanson sister of Jennifer Weddell Shannon SS 17 F H/H Centerville, MN 1
Lauren Swanson Shannon's daughter, 12, 7th grade Lauren LS2 6 F H/H Centerville, MN 28
Bryce Swanson Shannon's son, 10, 5th grade Bryce BS 3 F H/H Centerville, MN 30
Mary Ross sister of Jennifer Weddell, teacher Mary R MaR 17 F H/H Saint Paul, MN 24
Megan Clark Yet another Jennifer Weddell sister, test developer MeganC MC2 5 F H/H Minneapolis, MN 5
Liam Clark Megan Clark's son, 10. 5th grade. Sister Siri helping this season. Liam C LC 3 F H/H Minneapolis, MN 19
Hayden Weddell Chris & Jennifer's son, 13, 8th grade. Hayden HW 7 F H/H White Bear Lake, MN 32
Michelle Ross Jennifer's youngest sister, civil engineer & 6th grade science teacher Michelle MiR 5 F H/H Saint Paul, MN 36
Neil Tobiason retired from Allianz, ex-MSI Neil T NT 21 H H/H Longville, MN 13
Jay Steffenhagen Worked with Neil Tobiason at Allianz Jay S JS 6 H H/H Blaine, MN 1
Dave Money retired COUNTRY Systems guy DMoney DM 15 F H/H Cedar, MN 4
Laurie Sherman friend of Matt & Karla's, school principal Laurie LS 11 F H/H Roseville, MN 17
Scott Sherman friend of Matt & Karla's ScottS SS2 13 F H/H Roseville, MN 23
Patrick Hyland ex-MSI, now at Farmers Home Pat H PH 18 F W/H Plymouth, MN 10
Kevin Hyland Patrick Hyland's brother, physical therapist KevinH KH2 7 F W/W Colorado Springs, CO 33
Paul Vigliaturo friend of Rom's, Travelers Paul V PV 19 H B/B Saint Paul, MN 21
Jeff Arvold retired COUNTRY Network Services guy Jeff A JA 21 F H/H Bovey, MN 16
Neil Arvold son of Jeff Arvold, 22 Neil A NA 18 F H/H Ham Lake, MN 2
Marianne Arvold Jeff Arvold's wife Marianne MA 20 F H/H Bovey, MN 12
Scott Crow Psyciatrist, husband of Jean Crow ScottC SC 3 F H/H Little Canada, MN 28
Jean Crow St. Christophers Bell Choir Jean C JC2 3 F H/H 0 22
Megan Crow Jean Crow's daughter, med student M Crow MCr 3 F H/H Little Canada, MN 27
Madisen Crow Jean Crow's daughter Mdsn C MdC 1 F H/H Little Canada, MN 31
Wanda Copeland our ex-Associate Pastor, now in NY WandaC WC 6 H H/H Horseheads, NY 32
Melody Chilson Wanda Copeland's spouse Melody Mel 4 H H/H Horseheads, NY 12
Sue Keffer ex-MSI, U of Maryland MBA Sue K SK 19 H H/H Roseville, MN 9
Neeraj Udeshi Friend of Sue Keffer, Maryland MBA Neeraj NU 17 H H/H Foster City, CA 8
Devin Ward friend of Sue Keffer's DevinW DW2 10 H H/H Columbia, MD 34
Steve Olsen Husband of Mary Ross SteveO SO 1 F W/W Minneapolis, MN NR
Scott Paluska COUNTRY Actuarial Analyst ScottP SP 6 H B/B Washington, IL 5
John Petek COUNTRY Computer guy John P JP 10 H H/H Minneapolis, MN 18
Mary DeHate ex-COUNTRY Information Systems MaryDe MDe 10 F H/H Apple Valley, MN 12
Kathy Sandhofer COUNTRY System software KathyS KS2 9 H W/W Crystal, MN 17
Kevin Cellini retired from COUNTRY Underwriting Reporting KevinC KC2 14 H H/H Normal, IL 4
Caitlin Hogan ING Bank, ex-COUNTRY intern Caitln CH2 9 F H/H Minden, NV 38
Randee Dow Travelers Director of Actuarial Analysis Randee RD2 4 H B/B Minneapolis, MN 29
Chris Hoffman retired from Travelers Regulatory area ChrisH ChH 3 H H/H Saint Paul, MN 33
Denis Guenthner Travelers Enterprise Risk Management DenisG DG 3 H W/W 0 16
Christopher Olson Senior Actuary at Travelers ChrisO CO 4 H H/H Minneapolis, MN 2
Chris Westermeyer Travelers Workers Comp actuary C West CWm 4 H H/H Falcon Heights, MN 28
Mike Sedwick Husband of ex-St. Luke's priest, real estate guy Mike S MS 11 F H/H Issaquah, WA 35
Rolf Krogstad Software guy, Ultima Bank Minnesota, violist Rolf K RK 7 H H/H Bloomington, MN 3
John Hylle friend of ex-Farsider Roger Friedman John H JH 16 F H/H Owatonna, MN 14
Michael Greenhalgh friend of Michelle Ross's Mike G MG 1 F H/H 0 41
Sharon Exel friend of the Musser's S Exel SE 9 H H/H Mound, MN 14
Steve Benson friend of John Hylle's SteveB SB 10 F H/H Owatonna, MN 25
Paul Merwin MN League of Cities attorney PMerwin PM2 10 H H/H Saint Paul, MN 30
Dawn Murphy friend of Neil Tobiason's from Allianz Dawn M DMy 10 H H/H Mound, MN 25
Tom Preston son of Matt's first U.S. friend Tom P TP 8 H H/H Iowa City, IA 36
Ed Whetham Friend of Mary Ross's Ed W EW 10 H H/H Saint Paul, MN 27
Alan Wenker Friend of Matt's from 3 Speed Tour Alan W AW 9 F H/H White Bear Lake, MN 26
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