Week 16 Farside Pool Early Game Entry Form

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Please select your name and enter your password. Take a look at - - and put your selected - adjacent to the - you think will win. Remember that the higher weights (up to 16) go on the - you are most certain will win and lower weights on the games about which you are less certain. Recall also that for the full week, you only get to use each weight once, so carefully consider your - here. When ready, press the Submit Entry button and - - will be sent in. Don't forget to do the rest of your picks before gametime Sunday!

IMPORTANT: You WILL need to reenter - - when you do the full week's entry! If you enter - incorrectly, I will reject the entry, so please note - down and get it right!

Please select your Name:
Please enter your password:
Game - shown - Central Standard Time..

Tiebreaker: You will enter the tiebreaker when you do the rest of your entry.

You will get any reminders I send out between now and Sunday gametime and they should have this choice listed to remind you.

You may wish to Print a copy of this page using your browser's Print button before submitting this entry. Don't forget to hit Submit!!